Lusinco provides nonprofit organizations financial management services.
Lusinco provides nonprofit organizations financial management services.

You Have Choices!

Outsourcing to Lusinco
  • Expertise in every facet of nonprofit financial management.

  • Adding or removing services can be accomplished at every contract agreement or via a contract addendum.

  • Experts in nonprofit finance can start to make a difference immediately.

  • Lusinco handles employee turnover, thus reducing/eliminating disruptions.

  • Minimum to no disruptions to the business from vacation, sick, FMLA, etc.

  • Your costs won't increase if your company reserves increase.

  • We handle the hassles associated with employee turnover, so you don't have to!

In-House Employee
  • Multiple employees needed to cover AP/AR, payroll, audit, board presentations.

  • Expanding the finance team means an increase in headcount and additional overhead costs.

  • Depending on the skillset, employee may need to be taught how to perform tasks.

  • Employee turnover requires hiring, training and managing new employee.

  • Vacations, sick time, FMLA, etc. is a major burden requiring other employees to cover.

  • Annual salary raises, 401K contributions and bonuses are expected.

  • Employees sometimes leave to the higher paid for-profit jobs.

Temporary Agency
  • Expertise based solely on the skillset available to temp agency.

  • Temp agencies have limited number of qualified candidates, especially for strategic & executive functions.

  • Most temps need training, some don't even understand non-profit finance

  • Temp agency will send new candidate, training will be required

  • Impact of vacation, sick time, FMLA, etc. depends on agreement with temp agency.

  • High cost to transition move a temp to permanent employee.

  • By definition temporary, thus easily encouraged to leave for a higher paid job.